“2020- A Sweet-Bitter Melody of Good and Bad!”

I am in a fix if I should call 2020 a good year or a bad year. That’s why I will call it a confusing melody of both which changed the rhythm of my life.

Till February 2020, we were all absorbed in our daily routine, unaware that our lives were about to change. Unbeknownst to most of us, the virus COVID-19, named by WHO, showed its first presence in India (Kerala) in January.

Towards the end of March, it became severe with nearly 500 cases reported. And so, the 1.3 billion population of India went into lockdown from March 25 to May 30.

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Life is not going to be the same for a long time now!

We began our new normal around this global pandemic, unsure of how many changes and challenges we might have to see and face.

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It was sinking to see others being isolated at hospitals, many dying and never getting to say goodbyes. It was hopeless to see the rising cases every day.

The economy collapsed big time. Like many, my husband and I took work from home. Increasing work pressure with house chores took the most toll on my health and well-being.

It was disheartening not to be able to meet the elders, friends, and other family members. I was living in fear of losing my near & dear ones.

In the need to keep people motivated and distracted, social media became a productivity contest. My challenge was to survive the day and not challenge others in the media. Anyway, Coronavirus ruled every bit of the NEWS.

,Choose to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

2020 wasn’t magical. It uprooted our life in many ways. But Humans thrive on hope. Even I tried to see the best in the worst. A part of me feels guilty because I am privileged enough to say so. However, I would still like to count my blessings.

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We couldn’t go out without a mask, even though the air became the purest this time. Thank god for my terrace, I could breathe fresh O2.

Though I feel bad for the poor and migrants, I was lucky enough to stay home with my loved one, eat healthily, exercise, and meditate.

Gadgets became my best friend. I was using the same to connect with everyone around to keep a check on them. Calls meant Video only.

I read books. Worked on my skills. Started Journaling. Came closer to plants and nature.

Like everyone, I learned new words such as Quarantine, PPE kit, sanitizer, etc.

I am filled with gratitude because I got the chance to help as many as I could. I was able to declutter my mind of thoughts that were ruining my peace.

In the end, I have learned it the hard way. Nature will give back, so choose what you give wisely.

No one can stay alone. We need our loved ones. Choose them above all. Humanity is the biggest religion. Practice it well.

Like everything, the pandemic has two sides too. It definitely pained to see many people step out without masks, not going for tests when symptoms occur, taking no safety measurements, and putting others at risk.

But, maybe it’s also a time to stop and reflect on ourselves. To accept our responsibilities towards humanity and mother nature. To accept our new normal. We never know, this may change soon.

As Charlie Chaplin quotes, “Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our trouble!”